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In this design guide created by Be In Wonder Design Inc., you get access to the Ultimate Basement Playroom Design: 


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Styling and Installation Tips

Mood Board

Paint Colours


This is everything you need to recreate the look and feel of our Ultimate Basement Playroom Design. This design is great for children of different ages. If you have kids who love to move, they will love the Rock Climbing Wall or Rope Swing. If your children would rather cozy up in a reading nook with a good book, they will love the house we've built within the room full of bookshelves, a playcouch, bean bag chairs and polka dots! 


The kids aren't the only one's who love this basement space either! As parents, we love it because it looks fun, yet modern and the best part? It's easy for the kids to tidy themselves!


Please note that all Be In Wonder Design Guides, including this one, can not be purchased and resold. The information in this guide is to be used for personal, not commercial use. 


There are No Refunds Available for the Be In Wonder Design Guides. 

The Ultimate Basement Playroom Design Guide

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