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Scroll down to see our exclusive Design Guides full of links, mood boards and complete inspiration to help you on your way to DIY-ing the best playspace ever!


Q: Do these design guides include Canadian or American shopping links? 
A: These design guides provide both Canadian and American shopping links.

Q: What if I purchase a design guide and notice that one of the shopping links is a product that is no longer available?
A: If this happens, please let our team know immediately by emailing and we will provide you with an additional link for a similar item. We do try to ensure that all links provided are current and up-to-date, however we do appreciate the understanding when links are not working.

Q: What if I get the Design Guide and need support with installation and styling?
A: Inside of the Be In Wonder Design Guides, you will see all of Vanessa's top styling and installation tips, (she's our top designer.) If you are seeking additional support, feel free to visit our SERVICES page where we can offer more custom support. 

Q: Can I purchase these design guides for assisting my own design clients?
A: No. These design guides are not to be purchased for commercial use nor shall they be available for resale. These guides are the intellectual property of Be In Wonder Design Inc.

Q: My children are a mix of ages and needs. Are these guides good for a range of children?
A: Yes, they are! If you read the descriptions, I make my recommendations as a certified Early Childhood Educator, as per the child's age and needs in each design. If you have specific questions or concerns about the needs of your child and how to make a safe space for them, please email  

Q: If I purchase the Design Guide and am not satisfied, can I get a refund?
A: At this time, Be In Wonder Design guides are non-refundable, but are gratefully accepting all feedback and suggestions from our customers to make the guides the best they can be. Feel free to email with all feedback. 

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