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Splish Splash: Transforming the Kids' Bathroom

Updated: Feb 13

We were four months into COVID and quarantine life, expecting our third miracle baby, when we decided on a whim that we should renovate the kids' bathroom before baby arrived... but we were on a tight budget after just finishing an entire basement renovation. We thought that we could get it done in about a month or so however, we thought wrong because we were doing most of the work ourselves as well as with the help of some amazing family and friends. Not to mention all of the insane delays due to the pandemic! The bathroom was original to the build and our house is about 20 years old now. I had painted the cupboards about seven years ago when we moved in but other than that, nothing else was done.

The Journey and Progress Begins

(I don't have a proper before picture because my husband got excited and started to demolish it before I even had the chance to take any pictures!) Just envision a basic builders-grade bathroom with many hints of baby blue. Quite the sight eh?!

The Results Are In!

Designing the kids' bathroom was seriously so much fun! My husband helped me take on the project and he is so amazing at figuring things out, even if it's for the first time - like the shiplap wall. I just adore how it turned out, especially with the pop of green dinosaur wall decals! Keep scrolling for all the resource links to get this look.

Three jars with cotton and greenery on a bamboo tray in a kid's bathroom designed by Vanessa Silva, Be In Wonder Designs. Kid's interior design.

Three jars with cotton and greenery on a bamboo tray resting on a bathroom countertop in a kid's bathroom with dinosaur decals. Designed by Vanessa Silva, Be In Wonder Designs. Kid's interior design.

A clean and fun renovated kid's bathroom with dinosaur wall decals. Designed by Vanessa Silva, Be In Wonder Designs. Kid's interior design.

Resources: How to Get The Look

Here's everything needed for this exact kid's bathroom makeover

An info graphic of kid's bathroom accessories and products to DIY a dinosaur bathroom for kid's. By Vanessa Silva from Be In Wonder Designs.

Resource Links:

  1. Dinosaur Wall Decals ("Rex" I purchased half a set - use code BEINWONDER for 15% off)

  2. Wall Hooks

  3. Bath Towels

  4. Faucets

  5. Shower Curtain

  6. Light Fixtures

  7. Mirrors (I purchased ours from Homesense but these are also great, I have used them with clients)

  8. Vanity

  9. Floor Tiles (I purchased ours from Rivalda but they were sold out shortly after. The ones linked are in stock and very similar!)

  10. Wall Sign


- Glass Jars - DIY dollar store items (check out on Instagram for details)

The Walls and Flooring

The entire bathroom was painted in Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. It is a stark white but I absolutely love it in this bathroom as there isn't much natural light. My husband purchased the shiplap from Home Hardware. There was a serious delay due to COVID but it was well worth the wait. Our wall was just over 8ft so he ordered the 16ft length. This was the first time that he installed it so he watched a couple of videos. He said it was fairly simple though as it is a tongue and groove style fit. I am obsessed with the way it turned out!

FYI .. side note about the flooring, I really wanted a black-on-black look with the tile and grout. However, when I purchased the grout I was told it would dry black and it did not. It dries a dark grey. I'm still happy with the way it turned out but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. When it came up in conversation with my previous contractor he advised that there is a special grout to purchase for it to dry black. I wish I had known before but like I said, still looks great. The main goal was dark grout as it is the kids' bathroom and I did not want to worry about any discolouring over time. #momlife

That's a Wrap Thank you for such an amazing response on this bathroom update. My passion for designing children's spaces has gone beyond playrooms as it truly makes me so happy. I love the way this project turned out and can't help but smile every time I walk by :)

Thank you for visiting my blog, your love and support mean the world to me! If you need guidance, support or help with designing a playroom in your house, please do not hesitate to contact me at

With love,


Full disclosure that I receive a small commission from any purchases made through my Amazon Storefront. I have put many hours into setting it up and truly hope that you find it helpful! None of the links are sponsored. All opinions and product suggestions are 100% authentically mine... just doing and sharing what I love with love.

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Looks awesome! Just out of curiosity, what finish are the shower fixtures? The same black? Thx!


Erin Nicole Carey
Erin Nicole Carey
Feb 15, 2022

Love this! Did you do anything to shower walls?


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