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Vanessa Silva, kid's interior designer, Playroom Designer, Early Childhood Educator and Mom of Three

Be In Wonder

by Vanessa Silva

Elevate your space with a Kid's Interior Designer dedicated to crafting beautiful and functional  playrooms, providing the necessities for exploration, learning, development, and pure wonder!

Are you tired of the kids coming home from school, tearing apart the couch cushions to make a fort, swinging off the banisters, fighting over toys or worse, saying things like, “I’m bored.”
I help families create designated kid space’s that encourage open-ended, independent play that can bring a sense of peace and calm to the afterschool turmoil and make everyone a lot happier under one roof.
Keep reading to learn how.

Get the Playroom or Bedroom your children deserve!

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Ultimate Basement Halloween, interior designer for kids, kids interior design in Bolton, ON
best basement playroom, interior designer for kids, kids interior design in Bolton, ON
best basement playroom, interior designer for kids, kids interior design in Bolton, ON
Nursing Room at the Vaughn Mills Mall
Nursing Room that's kid friendly at the mall
Nursing Room at Vaughn Mills Mall

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Hello There

Vanessa Silva, be in Wonder Design, Playroom Designer across GTA

I’m Vanessa Silva, a dedicated mother of three and a seasoned professional with over 20 years of combined experience as an Early Childhood Educator, Educational Resource Facilitator, and Kindergarten Teacher. Through years of studying and observing how children play and interact, I've developed a profound understanding of their needs to thrive in their environment. This insight, coupled with my passion for creating safe and stimulating spaces, led me to establish my own design business. Today, I've had the privilege of assisting hundreds of families in crafting environments that foster optimal play and learning.

I love being a Kid's Interior Designer.

Vanessa Silva, Playroom Designer across GTA
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Thank you Vanessa for bringing meaningful and creative play in to our home.

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“We hired Vanessa prior to starting the renovation of our basement. I knew that I wanted it to be a magical play area for my two toddlers but I didn't know where to start...Her design was beyond. It was more than I could have ever imaged. Her attention to detail for every aspect of the design and her willingness to revise the plans to fit my (and my husband's) requests, all with a smile, grace and in an extremely timely manner, is the reason that I recommend Vanessa to everyone who visits our dream play area.”

-Brittany Caprice

Working together is as easy as:


Book a Complimentary Call at a time that works for you. You’ll get to chat with Vanessa, Kid's Interior Designer, about your goals!


Find out which

Be In Wonder Design option will be best for you and your family.


Get the playroom or kid's bedroom you’ve been dreaming of! It’s not going to be as hard as you think!

Let's Get Started

Vanessa gave us endless possibilities of play and creativity and her work is astounding.

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“Vanessa is amazing and took everything I wanted and turned it into a dream for my children! With two kids who love to be creative and active I was finding it hard to combine these two elements. She not only combined them in a magical way but the also had ideas that were very unique to ourselves.”

-Nicole Salmon

Vanessa exceeded my expectations!

“She is genuinely so sweet and over the top helpful! She had a deep understanding of my child’s interests but also considered my style and hopes for the room. Vanessa was so prompt in responding to all my questions (at all hours of the day!) Even though it was a virtual design, I felt like she was right beside me every step of the way. I will definitely use her again for other rooms in my house.”

-Rebecca Maynard

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I've collected all the shopping links, styling tips and installation steps from my most in-demand kid's interior designs and put them in my these guides!

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