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Spreading Love With DIY Painted Rocks

Every act of kindness counts.

Every gesture of love matters.

Every word spread with positive intentions leaves an impact.

Our boys are young but I try my best to role model positivity, kindness, and love.

We've been house bound for almost 2.5 weeks now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful for our beautiful home and being able to provide our family with all of the essentials during a time like this. However, daily fresh air and natural vitamin D is essential to our mental health. Most of the time we hang out in our backyard but last week we went for a family hike and there were a ton of beautiful flat rocks. J (almost 6) really wanted to bring some home with him so that we could paint them. We agreed that we would take two rocks each. N (almost 3) wanted to paint a ladybug and his big brother wanted to paint a shark. I decided to paint a rainbow because I am SO looking forward to our rainbow at the end of this storm. When J saw my rainbow, he really wanted to make more just like it. So we did!

First we tried painting with our regular Ikea paints but these did not work well. The best paint for a project like this is acrylic paints. The paint goes on smoothly and covers well. We used paint and paintbrushes but I found these amazing acrylic pens that we will try for next time.

As we were painting, we started talking about how cool it would be to write words on them. Which led us to discussing how we could use these painted rocks to make others smile. I found the quote "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow" and J wanted to add, "Be Happy, Smile, and Love Always". Once the paint dried I used permanent marker to write the words and then Modge Podge to preserve everything.

J wanted to make some of his closest friends in the neighbourhood smile so we decided to take a family walk and hand deliver these rocks by leaving them on their porches. He even included hand written notes with some of them. J beamed with delight the entire walk as he proudly smiled from ear to ear and in this moment my heart was so full of love!

This was such a simple way of giving back to our community. It didn't cost us anything but time - which we have plenty of these days! Our boys learned so much throughout the process. It took about a week from beginning to end and I was able to embed literacy, math (we lined up the rocks from smallest to largest), creative arts, self regulation and well being. But the absolute best part of it all was knowing that we made others smile during a time where it truly is needed. Let us know if you try this activity by tagging us on Instagram @be.in.wonder continue to spread love and kindness!

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with love,


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