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My Top 3 Playroom Mirrors & The Benefits of Mirror Play

If you have little ones (infant - 6 years) consider adding a mirror to your play area.

Children LOVE looking at themselves in the mirror but it's not just for the added fun, there are actual developmental benefits as well such as:

  1. Brain development

  2. Understanding their surroundings

  3. Empathy and emotional development

  4. Motor Skills

  5. Building confidence

And much more!

Here are 3 of my current favourite mirrors for kids rooms:

  1. Oversized Rectangle Mirror

This mirror comes in two sizes (pictured here is the larger size). It also comes with two options of either the white or black frame. I love the oversized mirror as it provides so much space and opportunity for mirror play. This one is also a great option for basement playrooms as it helps to bounce light around the room making the space feeling bigger and brighter.

2. Medium Sized Oval Mirror

I love this mirror! It is a great size and the curved oval shape adds some softness to any room. This mirror comes in three different frame options including black, white, and gold.

3. Acrylic Mirror

I have been using these mirrors for years! I used to use them in my kindergarten classroom and have been using them with our kids at home in so many different ways. We have painted on them, added them to sensory play, taken them outside, put infant sensory bottles on top of them and so much more. There are so many possibilities! These mirrors aren't very large however, they are acrylic making them super safe to use with kids and they are very affordable! I would say that they are a must have for any kids space!

Thank you for visiting my blog, your love and support means the world to me! If you need guidance, support or help with designing a playroom in your house, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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None of the links are sponsored. All opinions and product suggestions are 100% authentically mine... just doing and sharing what I love with love.

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