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Home Office Transformed to Playroom

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

When I began working with the Halge family, we were originally looking at their loft/spare bedroom space on the second floor. We were about to move ahead with transforming the space into a spare bedroom/playroom area for their two young children UNTIL the idea of using the main floor office space came up. One thing that I promise my clients is my honest opinion. Based on my previous experience with clients, my own children at home, as well as 10+ years as an educator, I have plenty of insight available and I only want the best outcome for each family. And so, my honest opinion was to move the office to the loft and transform the main floor space into the new spare bedroom/playroom! BEFORE :


Some of the main items were previously owned such as the couch and the foam mats. But you can shop the rest of the list here:

  1. Triangle Bunting

  2. Memo Board

  3. Wall Decals

  4. Swan Wall Decor

  5. Book Ledges

  6. Toy Basket

  7. Toy Basket

  8. Shark Wall Decor

  9. Toy Storage

  10. Pillows

  11. Toy Shelf Storage

  12. Inserts for Toy Shelf Storage

Please note that the original bookshelves were from Ikea but have been discontinued for quite some time. The ones that I linked are similar and just as great! Also, if you're wondering about the magnetic chalkboard it was custom made for our clients by us. I have an easy DIY on my blog that you can use as a guide here.

What I love the most is that the room has more furniture yet, feels bigger and brighter! Better yet, the texts that I get from my clients telling me how happy their children are in their new space and the difference it has made for their family fills my heart with joy! There is nothing I love more than transforming spaces for families. Spaces where they can enjoy for many years to come, making memories, playing, learning, and growing in wonder together!

A special shout out to the Halge family for allowing us to be a part of their home. It was an absolute pleasure working with them, getting to know them, and becoming friends with them!

With love,



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Full disclosure that I receive a small commission from any purchases made through my Amazon Storefront and Link to Know It account. When shopping from those links, it costs you nothing extra so I truly appreciate it as I have put a lot of time and effort into setting it up and hope that you find it helpful. All opinions and product suggestions are 100% authentically mine... just doing and sharing what I love with love.

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