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The Best Boy's Bunk Bed Bedroom Design

Updated: Feb 13

As soon as our boys found out that we were expecting another baby, they begged and begged to have bunk beds together. So this is our boy's bunk-bedroom renovation journey with all the links and resources to DIY this look in your home.

One is Not Like The Other

Our house has four bedrooms however, all our boys wanted was to share a room and experience the bunk life! What they didn't realize is how opposite they are from one another!

J: organized and tidy

N: tornado in every room he steps foot

J: enjoys sleeping in

N: early riser

J: likes to fall asleep with the light on

N: wants to be buried in all the blankies

When redesigning this bedroom, I had to keep each of their wants and interests in mind. I'm proud to say that I nailed it because they are so happy! My favourite part is how close our boys have become over the last few months. They are best buds and I pray that it's like this forever!

The Before: Single Boy's Bedroom Design

A boy's bedroom, navy blue, shiplap wall, guitar, organized bins. Designed by Vanessa Silva, Be In Wonder Designs. Children's Interior Designer.


An infographic with products to create a DIY boy's bedroom. By Vanessa Silva from Be In Wonder Designs. GTA

The After: Bunk Mate Buddies

A boy's bedroom, navy blue, shiplap wall, organized bins. Designed by Vanessa Silva, Be In Wonder Designs. Children's Interior Designer. GTA

The After: How to Get This Look And Why I LOVE it

Okay, now let's talk decor ... (click the underlined headings for direct links)

My favourite piece in their bedroom BY FAR is the bedding itself! I ordered it from Beddy's and you guys, it is like a giant sleeping bag!!! It is one piece, the entire bedding goes on like a fitted sheet, has smooth zippers, the top completely detaches, it has a sewn-in sheet, and I chose the minky lining for extra comfort and warmth. When the boys asked for bunk beds, I knew that this bedding was a MUST! Our boys are six and three years old and now make their own beds every morning!!! It is as simple as zipping it up.

We have also noticed that since they have been using Beddy's they actually stay in their beds and sleep through the night because they are so snug and tucked in bed making dreams come true ... and mom goals! I also get to share a special code with you: VANESSA for a 15% discount! It is sooo worth it! The boys have also found a new sense of confidence and independence with making their own beds :)

I wanted a pop of colour in the room and the boys are obsessed with blue. These sconces were the perfect fit and I am so in love with the way they finish off the space. Not to mention, or eldest son J gets to read independently every night with his light on as his brother falls asleep. Win-win!


It took me a while to decide on a rug. This one was on mega sale so I snatched it up. It is actually so soft and I love how it brightens the space.

The oversized frames house the most beautiful pictures of our boys. I already had them in the room and just swapped two of the pictures with my younger son. They love them and I love them because they melt my mama heart.

Amber from Pink Lemon Decor came to my rescue when I was looking for last-minute pieces while nine months pregnant during a pandemic. Her customer service was amazing and I highly recommend her shop!

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I am book-obsessed. Since our first son was born, I have kept books on every level of our house. Pushing the bunk bed against the wall left the perfect space for some ledges. I love this little corner now and most importantly, so do our boys.

I'm not a huge fan of toys in the bedroom however, I have always kept a few quiet activities/stem toys. They have saved me during morning routines, bedtime routines, and nap time transitions when siblings came into the picture. The boys have these cardboard blocks plus their LEGO table in their room and it works for us.

Unfortunately this business has decided to close its doors. They had amazing products and will be missed!

These are our boys' FAVOURITE stuffies. They love them so much, they have asked for more. If you haven't heard of them yet, you have got to check them out. Their motto is to pay it forward and for every doll purchased, 10 meals are donated to children in need. Seriously, how amazing?!

Last but not least! My husband and I were originally considering custom built-in bunks. However, the cost of them just didn't make sense as we know that our boys will eventually want their own space. We have a fourth bedroom available for whenever they make that decision so we went for a less permanent choice. This bunk was the perfect size, height, and better yet ... price!!!

The barn wood is original 100-year-old wood that we purchased four years ago from Deadstok Reclaimed. The owner was amazing and very helpful. My husband and father-in-law installed it and we are as obsessed with it today as we were four years ago.

Two Happy Bunk-Campers

It took some time bringing this space together while pregnant during a pandemic but we couldn't be happier with the final result. It was ALL worth it, especially to see how happy our boys are and how close they have become with sharing a bedroom. Now if we could keep the wrestling matches to a minimum, that would be great! Hah!

If you need guidance, support or help with designing a playroom in your house, please do not hesitate to contact me at

With love,



Full disclosure that some links are part of an affiliate program. However, all opinions and product suggestions are 100% authentically mine ... just doing and sharing what I love with love, always!

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