Playroom Design

The possibilities are endless when it comes to design. The project can be as elaborate or basic as you wish. Some of my most popular custom designs include LEGO walls, magnetic and chalkboard walls, art displays, craft spaces, closet storage solutions, and built in designs for storage or homework areas. I mostly source materials and furniture from retail stores however, if needed I use the services of a licensed contractor to complete our vision for the space.

Be In Wonder Design is a company that is committed to creating spaces in your home or business that encourages children to develop to their outmost potential. The goal is to empower children to become the creative, resilient, independent, confident, self-loving beings that they were meant to be. The choices we make about their environment are directly linked to the play and learning that happens day to day. As an educator I strive to create a space that allows children to engage and interact with their environment in order to encourage a love for life-long learning. Your child’s playroom has a profound impact on their development.